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Selecting the Right Flowers for Your Dream Wedding

The Importance of Choosing the Right Flowers

When it comes to planning your dream wedding, selecting the right flowers is up high on your To Do List. Flowers have the ability to set the tone for your special day and enhance the theme and décor you have envisioned.

Setting the Tone for Your Dream Wedding

Flowers can convey romance, elegance, joy, or any other desired sentiment. By carefully selecting the right flowers, you can set the tone for your dream wedding and create an atmosphere that reflects your unique vision and your love story.

Consider the style of your wedding. Are you aiming for a classic and timeless affair? In that case, flowers like roses or peonies would be an excellent choice, as they exude elegance and grace. If you envision a more whimsical and rustic celebration, wildflowers or sunflowers could capture that charming and carefree spirit.

The colours of the flowers also play a crucial role in setting the tone. Soft pastel hues create a romantic and delicate ambiance, while vibrant and bold colours add a touch of energy and excitement. Coordinate the colours of your flowers with your overall wedding palette to create a cohesive and visually stunning experience.

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Enhancing the Theme and Décor

Flowers are not only beautiful on their own, but they also have the ability to enhance the theme and décor of your wedding. Whether you have chosen a specific theme or have a particular style in mind, flowers can elevate the overall aesthetic and create a cohesive look.

If you have opted for a boho inspired wedding, incorporating flowers with a natural and organic feel, such as eucalyptus or paper daisies, can help bring that whimsical and free-spirited vibe to life. For a modern and minimalist wedding, sleek and architectural flowers like orchids or calla lilies can complement the clean lines and contemporary aesthetic.

In addition to bouquets and floral arrangements, flowers can be used as decorative elements throughout the venue. From centrepieces on dining tables to aisle decorations and boutonnieres, flowers can tie the entire space together and create a visually stunning backdrop for your special day.

By paying attention to the importance of choosing the right flowers, you can ensure that your dream wedding becomes a reality. Remember to take into account the seasonal availability of flowers, consider your colour palette and theme, and work within your budget constraints to create a breathtaking floral experience.

Factors to Consider

When selecting the perfect flowers for your dream wedding, there are several important factors to consider. These factors will help you make informed decisions and ensure that the flowers you choose align with your vision and budget. Keep in mind the seasonal availability of flowers, your desired colour palette and theme, and any budget constraints you may have.

Seasonal Availability

The availability of flowers can vary depending on the season. Some flowers bloom only during specific times of the year, while others are available year-round. It’s essential to consider the season in which your wedding will take place and choose flowers that are readily available during that time. Opting for seasonal flowers not only ensures freshness but may also be more cost-effective. Check out our article on choosing flowers for a wedding for more insights.

SeasonPopular Flowers
SpringTulips, Daffodils, Hyacinths
SummerPeonies, Sunflowers, Dahlias
AutumnChrysanthemums, Marigolds, Orchids
WinterRanunculus, Snap Dragons, Amaryllis
Year RoundBaby’s Breath, Lisianthus, Phalaenopsis Orchids, Carnations, Roses
Wedding Flowers

Colour Palette and Theme

The colour palette and theme of your wedding play a significant role in determining the flowers you choose. Consider the overall aesthetic you want to achieve and select flowers that complement your chosen colours. Whether you prefer a romantic pastel palette or a vibrant and bold theme, there are flowers available in a wide range of colours to suit your preferences. It’s also important to consider the size and shape of the flowers to ensure they harmonize with your overall decor. For inspiration, browse our article on flowers for a bridal shower.

Budget Constraints

Weddings often come with budget constraints, and it’s essential to work within your financial means when selecting flowers. Determine how much you are willing to allocate to floral arrangements and communicate this to your florist. They can suggest cost-effective options and creative alternatives that will still achieve a beautiful aesthetic. Prioritize the key floral elements, such as bouquets and centerpieces, and allocate your budget accordingly.

Popular Wedding Flowers

When it comes to selecting the perfect flowers for your dream wedding, there are numerous options to choose from. Here are some popular wedding flowers that add beauty and elegance to any wedding celebration:


Roses are timeless and classic, making them a popular choice for weddings. Known as the ultimate symbol of love and romance, roses come in various colours, allowing you to perfectly match them to your wedding theme and colour palette. From traditional red roses to soft pastel shades, roses are versatile and can be incorporated into bouquets, centrepieces, and other floral arrangements.


Peonies are beloved for their lush, ruffled blooms and delightful fragrance. These elegant flowers are available in a range of colours, including soft pinks, whites, and vibrant reds. Peonies symbolize romance, prosperity, and a happy marriage, making them a meaningful choice for wedding celebrations. Their large blooms make them a focal point in bouquets and arrangements, adding a touch of luxury to your special day.


Lilies are elegant and sophisticated flowers that bring a sense of purity and beauty to weddings. With their trumpet-shaped blooms and sweet fragrance, lilies make a stunning choice for bridal bouquets and centrepieces. From the classic white lilies to vibrant colours like pink, yellow, and orange, there are various types of lilies to suit different wedding themes and styles.


Orchids are exotic and unique flowers that exude elegance and grace. With their intricate shapes and vibrant colours, orchids add a touch of sophistication to any wedding. From delicate Phalaenopsis orchids to bold Cymbidium orchids, there is a wide variety to choose from. Orchids can be used in bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, and as decorative elements in centrepieces and venue decor.

When selecting your wedding flowers, it’s important to consider your personal preferences, the season of your wedding, and your budget. Each of these popular wedding flowers brings its own unique beauty and symbolism to your special day. Work closely with your florist to choose the perfect combination of flowers that will enhance the overall ambiance and create a memorable wedding experience.

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Choosing the Right Bouquet Style

When it comes to selecting the perfect bouquet for your dream wedding, there are several bouquet styles to consider. Each style adds its own unique touch to your overall bridal look. Let’s explore some popular bouquet styles: the Traditional Round Bouquet, the Cascading Bouquet, the Hand-Tied Bouquet, and the Nosegay Bouquet.

Traditional Round Bouquet

The Traditional Round Bouquet is a classic choice that never goes out of style. It features a compact arrangement of flowers, usually with a rounded shape. This bouquet is often created using a variety of blooms, such as roses, peonies, and lilies. The stems are typically wrapped in ribbon or fabric, giving it a polished and elegant finish.

Popular Flowers for Traditional Round Bouquets

Cascading Bouquet

If you’re looking to make a statement with your bouquet, the Cascading Bouquet is a stunning option. This style features flowers that gracefully cascade downwards, creating a waterfall-like effect. The bouquet is designed with a mix of trailing flowers and foliage, such as orchids, ivy, and ferns. The cascading shape adds a touch of drama and romance to your bridal ensemble.

Popular Flowers for Cascading Bouquets
Calla Lilies

Hand-Tied Bouquet

For a more relaxed and natural look, consider the Hand-Tied Bouquet. This style mimics the appearance of freshly gathered flowers, tied together with ribbon or twine. The bouquet showcases a variety of blooms and greenery, loosely arranged and wrapped at the stems. It’s a perfect choice for rustic, bohemian, or garden-themed weddings.

Popular Flowers for Hand-Tied Bouquets

Posy Bouquet

Also known as a tussie-mussie, is a compact and round bouquet. It typically consists of a tight cluster of flowers tightly wrapped with ribbon or lace. This style is ideal for those seeking a smaller, more delicate bouquet. The nosegay bouquet is often chosen for vintage-inspired or intimate weddings.

Popular Flowers for Posey Bouquets
Sweet Peas
Baby’s Breath

When selecting a bouquet style for your wedding, consider your personal style, the theme of your wedding, and the types of flowers that resonate with you. Remember, the bouquet is an essential accessory that complements your bridal attire and enhances the overall aesthetic of your special day.

Floral Arrangements and Decorative Elements

When planning your dream wedding, floral arrangements and decorative elements play a significant role in creating a beautiful and memorable atmosphere. From stunning centrepieces to aisle decorations, and boutonnieres to corsages, each element adds its own touch of elegance and charm to your special day.


Centrepieces are a focal point of wedding reception tables, adding a touch of sophistication and beauty to the overall decor. When choosing centrepieces, consider the size and style of your venue, as well as the theme and colour palette of your wedding. You can opt for traditional floral arrangements in vases, or get creative with unique alternatives such as lanterns, candles, or even potted plants.

Centrepiece TypeDescription
Floral ArrangementsClassic and timeless, floral centrepieces add a touch of romance to your tables. Choose flowers that complement your wedding theme and colour palette.
LanternsLantern centrepieces are a popular choice for rustic or outdoor weddings. Pair them with candles or fill them with fresh flowers for a charming and intimate ambiance.
CandlesCreate a romantic and intimate atmosphere with candle centrepieces. Choose different sizes and styles of candles to add depth and visual interest to your tables.
Potted PlantsFor a unique and eco-friendly centrepiece option, consider using potted plants or succulents. They can be given to guests as wedding favors or used as table numbers.

Aisle Decorations

Aisle decorations add a touch of elegance and beauty to your ceremony space, setting the stage for your grand entrance. Whether you’re getting married in a church, garden, or on a beach, there are numerous options to consider when it comes to aisle decorations. From floral arrangements to petals and lanterns, choose elements that align with your wedding theme and personal style.

Aisle Decoration TypeDescription
Floral ArrangementsLine the aisle with beautiful floral arrangements placed on pedestals or hanging from chairs. Coordinate the flowers with your bouquet and centrepieces for a cohesive look.
PetalsScatter rose petals or flower petals of your choice along the aisle for a romantic and whimsical touch. Choose petals in colours that complement your wedding theme.
LanternsFor an enchanting and magical ambiance, place lanterns along the aisle. You can use real candles or opt for battery-operated ones for safety.
Ribbons and BowsAdd a touch of elegance and romance by tying ribbons or bows to the chairs along the aisle. Choose ribbons in colours that match your wedding palette.

Boutonnieres and Corsages

Boutonnieres and corsages are floral accessories worn by the wedding party, family members, and special guests. These small but significant details add a cohesive and polished look to your wedding. When selecting boutonnieres and corsages, ensure they complement the overall theme and colour scheme of your wedding.

Floral AccessoryDescription
Boutonnieres or button holesBoutonnieres are traditionally worn by the groom, groomsmen, and fathers. They are small floral arrangements typically consisting of a single flower or a cluster of blooms.
CorsagesCorsages are worn by mothers, grandmothers, and special female guests. They are typically made with a small cluster of flowers and can be worn on the wrist or pinned to the lapel.

Working closely with a professional florist can help you bring your vision to life and ensure that the floral arrangements and decorative elements align with your wedding theme and personal style. Consultation and communication with your florist are key to ensuring that the final floral plan reflects your unique vision for your dream wedding.

Working with a Florist

When it comes to selecting the perfect flowers for your dream wedding, working with a skilled florist is essential. Their expertise and knowledge can help you bring your floral vision to life. Here are three important aspects to consider when collaborating with a florist: consultation and communication, incorporating personal touches, and finalizing the floral plan.

Consultation and Communication

The first step in working with a florist is to schedule a consultation. During this meeting, you can discuss your wedding theme, color palette, and any specific floral arrangements you have in mind. It’s important to clearly communicate your ideas, preferences, and budget to ensure that the florist understands your vision.

Be prepared to share visual references, such as pictures from magazines or online platforms, to provide the florist with a better understanding of your style. Additionally, ask the florist for their input and expertise. They can suggest flower options that align with your preferences and guide you on seasonal availability.

Remember, effective communication is crucial throughout the planning process. Stay in touch with your florist and keep them updated about any changes or adjustments you may need to make. Open and clear communication will help ensure a seamless collaboration and bring your floral dreams to life.

Incorporating Personal Touches

Your wedding day is a reflection of you and your partner’s unique love story, so it’s important to incorporate personal touches into your floral arrangements. Share details about your relationship, hobbies, or interests with your florist. This information can help them suggest personalized elements that can be incorporated into your bouquets, boutonnieres, or centrepieces.

Consider incorporating sentimental flowers that hold special meaning to you or your family. For instance, you might choose a specific type of flower that was present during a significant moment in your relationship. These personal touches will add a meaningful and memorable touch to your wedding flowers.

Finalising the Floral Plan

Once you have discussed your preferences, budget, and personal touches with your florist, it’s time to finalize the floral plan. This includes confirming the types of flowers, quantities required, and specific arrangements for each element of your wedding. Your florist will prepare a detailed proposal that outlines the floral designs, delivery schedules, and costs involved.

Review the proposal carefully and discuss any necessary adjustments or modifications with your florist. Ensure that the plan aligns with your vision and budget. Once you are satisfied with the proposal, provide your florist with the necessary approvals and deposits to secure their services for your wedding day.

Working closely with the team at Ever + Maple will ensure that your wedding flowers are beautifully designed and flawlessly executed. We pride ourselves with our open communication and incorporating personal touches.
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