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Flower Delivery Toowoomba Hospital

Toowoomba Hospital Flower Deliveries

Ever + Maple are florists based in Toowoomba, and we deliver flowers and gifts to the three main Toowoomba Hospitals every week.
We know the hospitals well, and we do not use random couriers. This ensures that flowers and gifts get to the patient quickly.

The 3 main hospitals in Toowoomba are:

Toowoomba Hospital

St Andrews Toowoomba Hospital

St Vincents Private Hospital Toowoomba

Toowoomba Hospital delivery policies.

We will have the following , the recipient’s name, ward and room number, allowing us to take the flowers and gift baskets up to the ward.
Depending upon who is on duty in each ward ( It does change each time), we will be directed by the staff to either deliver directly into the patient’s room. We can then set the flowers up where the recipient requests they be placed.

Or the staff will ask that we leave flowers or gift hampers with them at the nurse’s station, and the staff will take them into the recipient’s room.

Working with Ever + Maple will ensure that appropriate flowers and arrangements are delivered at the best time of day for each of Toowoomba’s hospitals.

When Placing The Order

As we mentioned, at times, we are directed to go into the room for delivery and other times, they are to be left at the nurse’s station. 
We clearly label the flowers and card, so that nursing staff can quickly see the patient’s full name and room number to ensure they reach their intended destination.
If you order an extra treat, such as chocolates, we ensure they are attached to your flowers so the patient gets the whole gift. 

What flowers are best for hospitals?

Flowers that do not require the staff to find a vase!

Choose a bloom box: 

Our Bloom Boxes are sturdy and will not tip over. They are a nice compact size. 
They have a piece of florist sponge in the base that holds water for the flowers.
They are easy to maintain with just a little water added each day to keep the water topped up.

The flowers in our bloom boxes are durable with solid stems and will remain vibrant and fresh for five-plus days.
They are also easy to take home with you when you are discharged.
Our bloom boxes have ribbons and bows to make them look lovely.

flower gift box

When ordering hospital flowers, available space must be considered if they are in a shared room. We do recommend going smaller rather than larger. Hospitals have limited surface space, so smaller options are generally better so that the flowers are not bumped.

Choose an arrangement:

If your loved one is in a private room, opt for something a little larger! 
Our most popular option is our Bespoke arrangement.
It comes with a vase, and we select hospital-friendly blooms.

Anniversary Flowers

The other popular option is to send a Phalaenopsis Orchid.
They look gorgeous, with low or no scent, no pollen, and they can be taken home.

orchid delivery

And with all our flowers, we can add sweet treats to go with the blooms.

We recommend sending flower arrangements that include a vase to a hospital rather than sending a bouquet. 
This is because the hospital may sometimes not have available vases they can loan out. You want to make it as easy as possible for the patient and for the nurses to put your blooms on display!

Types of flowers suitable for hospitals.

Most flowers are suitable for hospitals except for strongly perfumed flowers like oriental lilies, which can be overpowering in a small room.
Lillies can also make a mess with their bright yellow stamens.

We love bright flowers to cheer up a room or pastel flowers for a softer feel. 

Red Pink Bouquet

One thing to consider is that patients recovering from major surgery or if they are seriously ill in the ICU may not be able to receive flowers and gifts, so please check with their family or the nursing staff if this is the case.

Alternatively, we can arrange for delivery to the recipient’s home when they are discharged from the hospital.

What about new baby flowers?

Not everyone is in hospital because they’re unwell! 

For a new mum, remember that mums are often home within 36 hours and bringing a new baby home can be daunting as well as juggling flowers.

It may be better to send congratulatory flowers or a new baby gift hamper to their home a few days after the baby’s birth.

Regarding flower choice, our bright blooms are popular baby boy flowers, while our pastel pinks or pink and punchy bouquets are popular for baby girls. 
See our new baby ideas here.

Or consider a flower hamper like Adore You so the new mum is pampered.

Don’t Forget The Guys

Men are often overlooked when it comes to giving flowers, but many men in Toowoomba are keen gardeners, and hospital means they are away from their gardens.

We have potted plants and a beautiful Phalaenopsis Orchids that we can deliver to add some greenery to the room, or we can make a dried native arrangement so it is not too flowery.

We also have a range of gift boxes that can bring a bit of sweetness into their hospital stay.

The Power Of Flowers

Giving flowers will always brighten up someone’s day.

And at Ever + Maple we will ensure that we convey your love and well wishes with beautiful flowers that will lift someone’s spirits when they are feeling poorly.

Get in touch via phone on (07) 4564 8373, order online or come and visit us in-store at 261 Margaret St Toowoomba.

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