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A Guide to Sending Flowers for a Funeral

The Power of Flowers in Times of Grief

During times of grief, flowers have the power to provide solace and comfort. They serve as a meaningful way to express condolences and support to those who have lost a loved one. Understanding the significance of offering flowers in times of grief and choosing the right flowers is important.

Offering Condolences through Flowers

The act of sending flowers to a funeral or memorial service is a longstanding tradition that spans across cultures. Flowers offer a visual representation of sympathy, love, and support. They can convey emotions and sentiments that words sometimes fail to express, providing a source of comfort to grieving individuals.

When sending flowers to a funeral, it’s essential to consider the customs and traditions of the bereaved family. Different cultures and religions may have specific flower preferences or symbols associated with funerals. Chat to our team and we can certainly make recommendations if if you are unsure.T

Choosing the Right Flowers

It’s important to select flowers that convey the right sentiments and reflect the personality and preferences of the deceased, as well as the grieving family.

Understanding the traditional funeral flowers and their meanings can help guide your selection. For example, lilies are often associated with purity and the innocence of the soul, while roses symbolise love and respect. Chrysanthemums are commonly used in many cultures to honor the deceased, while carnations represent deep love and affection.

Personalising your funeral flower selection is another meaningful approach.
Consider the favorite flowers or colours of the deceased, or choose blooms that reflect their personality or style. More families are requesting that certain colours be part of of what you wear to a funeral.
Personalising the floral tribute adds a special touch and shows thoughtfulness towards the individual being honoured.

By selecting the appropriate flowers and personalising your tribute, you can offer solace and support during a difficult time.

Symbolism and Meaning

Flowers have long been used to convey emotions and sentiments, making them a meaningful and respectful way to express condolences.

Traditional Funeral Flowers and Their Meanings

Traditional funeral flowers hold symbolic meanings that convey messages of sympathy, love, and remembrance. Here are some common funeral flowers and their associated meanings:

Funeral FlowerMeaning
LiliesLilies are often associated with the innocence and purity of the soul. They symbolise the restored innocence of the deceased and offer a message of peace and hope.
RosesRoses are a classic symbol of love and beauty. Red roses signify love and respect, while white roses represent purity and innocence. Pink roses convey grace and admiration.
ChrysanthemumsChrysanthemums, particularly in white or yellow, symbolize death and are commonly used in funeral flower arrangements. They are associated with honor, loyalty, and deep grief.
CarnationsCarnations are versatile flowers that come in various colors, each with its own meaning. White carnations represent pure love and innocence, while pink carnations convey remembrance and gratitude.

It’s important to note that cultural and personal preferences can also influence the choice of funeral flowers and their associated meanings.

Personalising Funeral Flower Selections

Consider their favorite flowers, colors, or even hobbies when choosing funeral arrangements.
For example, if the deceased had a fondness for sunflowers, incorporating them into the arrangement can be a beautiful way to celebrate their vibrant spirit. If they had a favorite color, such as blue or purple, you can select flowers in those hues to create a personalised tribute.

Types of Funeral Flowers

When it comes to choosing funeral flowers, there are several traditional options that hold significant meaning and symbolism. Each type of flower can convey different emotions and sentiments, allowing you to express your condolences in a meaningful way. Here are four common types of funeral flowers:


Lilies are often associated with funerals and are a popular choice for floral arrangements. These elegant flowers symbolize the restoration of the soul and the purity of the departed. White lilies, in particular, represent innocence and peace, making them a fitting choice to honor the memory of a loved one.

WhiteInnocence, purity, peace
PinkCompassion, love


Roses are timeless and versatile flowers that can be used to express various emotions, including grief and loss. Different colors of roses can hold different meanings, allowing you to convey your sentiments in a personalised way. Red roses symbolize love and respect, while white roses signify purity and innocence.

RedLove, respect
WhitePurity, innocence
PinkGrace, gratitude
YellowFriendship, warmth


Chrysanthemums, commonly referred to as mums, are closely associated with funeral traditions in many cultures. In some countries, they are specifically used for memorial services and gravesites. Chrysanthemums symbolize honor, loyalty, and the cycle of life. They are available in various colors, with white and yellow being commonly chosen for funerals.

WhitePurity, innocence
YellowSincere friendship, honor


Carnations are often included in funeral flower arrangements due to their long-lasting nature and their ability to convey different emotions depending on their color. White carnations represent pure love and innocence, while pink carnations symbolize remembrance and gratitude. These flowers are a beautiful way to pay tribute to the departed and offer comfort to the grieving family.

WhitePure love, innocence
PinkRemembrance, gratitude

When selecting funeral flowers, it’s important to consider the preferences of the deceased and their family, as well as any cultural or religious traditions. Each flower holds its own significance, and by choosing the appropriate ones, you can convey your heartfelt condolences in a meaningful and respectful manner.

Colour Choices

The choice of colours for funeral flowers can carry significant symbolism and meaning. Traditional colours for funeral arrangements include white, which symbolizes purity and innocence, and is often associated with peace and sympathy. Other common colours include soft pastels such as pink, lavender, and light blue, which evoke a sense of calm and serenity.

It’s important to consider the cultural and religious preferences of the deceased and their family when selecting colours. For example, in some cultures, red flowers may be considered inappropriate for funerals, while in others, they may symbolize celebration of life.

Types of The Sympathy Flowers At A Funeral

The size and shape of funeral flower arrangements can vary depending on personal preferences, cultural traditions, and the purpose of the arrangement. Common options include:

  • Casket Sprays: These larger arrangements are placed on top of the casket and typically feature a mix of flowers and greenery. Casket sprays are arranged by the funeral home and are chosen by close family members or loved ones.
  • Standing Sprays: These arrangements are designed to be displayed on an easel or stand and are often sent by friends, colleagues, or acquaintances. They can vary in size and shape, from traditional vertical sprays to more elaborate designs and Ever + Maple can deliver these. You will have to call us to arrange them on 07 4564 8373
  • Wreaths: Circular in shape, wreaths symbolize eternity and are commonly placed on display during funeral services or at the gravesite. They can be made of flowers, foliage, or a combination of both and we have these that can be ordered online or you can call us on 07 4564 8373 to have them delivered.
  • Bouquets and Baskets: Smaller arrangements such as bouquets or baskets are often sent by friends, colleagues, or distant relatives. They can be placed on display at the funeral home or given directly to the family. Ever + Maple can help you with these as well and you can order sympathy flowers online or call us on 07 4564 8373 to arrange them to be delivered.

Etiquette for Sending Funeral Flowers

During the difficult time of loss, sending funeral flowers is a traditional way to express condolences and offer support to grieving families. However, it’s important to understand the etiquette surrounding the timing, delivery, personal messages, and alternative options for funeral flowers.

Timing and Delivery

When it comes to sending funeral flowers, timing is key. It’s customary to have the flowers delivered to the funeral home or the location of the funeral service. Ideally, the flowers should arrive before the service begins, allowing the family and attendees to appreciate their presence throughout the ceremony.

To ensure timely delivery, it’s advisable to place the order with a reputable florist well in advance. Funeral flowers are often arranged in the form of wreaths, sprays, or standing arrangements, which may require additional time for preparation. It’s recommended to check with the florist regarding their delivery policies and any specific time frames they require.

Personal Messages and Cards

When sending funeral flowers, including a personal message or card is a thoughtful gesture. This allows you to express your condolences directly to the grieving family. Keep the message brief, heartfelt, and respectful. If you’re unsure of what to write, a simple “With deepest sympathy” accompanied by your name will suffice.

The card or message can be attached to the floral arrangement or sent separately. If you choose to send it separately, ensure that it arrives before or on the day of the funeral. It’s essential to double-check the spelling of the recipient’s name and address when providing the details to us.
See the sympathy cards we currently have available.

Alternatives to Traditional Flowers

While sending traditional funeral flowers is a common practice, there may be situations where you want to consider alternative options. Some individuals or families may have specific preferences or cultural customs that discourage the use of flowers or certain types of flowers. In such cases, it’s important to respect their wishes and find alternative ways to express your condolences.

Considerations for alternative options include:

  • Charitable Donations: Instead of flowers, you can make a donation to a charity or organization that was meaningful to the deceased or their family. This allows you to contribute to a cause that holds significance and supports a lasting memory of the person who has passed.
  • Plant or Tree Gifts: Giving a plant or tree as a memorial gift can serve as a living tribute. It symbolizes growth, life, and remembrance. Choose a plant or tree that is appropriate for the recipient’s living situation and preferences. At Ever + Maple we do have beautiful orchids and peace lilies that can be sent to the home. See the plants that we currently have available for delivery.
  • Gift Baskets: A gift basket filled with comforting items, such as gourmet food, candles, or soothing bath products, can provide solace to the grieving family. This thoughtful gesture can offer practical support during a challenging time. We have a large range of gift baskets and also a create your own basket option. We include flowers with some of them as well.

By being mindful of the timing, delivery, personal messages, and alternative options for funeral flowers, you can demonstrate your support and compassion to the grieving family. It’s important to be respectful of their wishes and cultural practices while expressing your condolences.

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